How We Do Business

We follow our alpacas over time. Each is tracked from birth and we keep detailed records. Cria weights are taken regularly to be sure they are thriving. Each year's fleece production is measured. Fleece fineness, curvature, staple length and other attributes are tested and histograms performed by Yocum McColl Testing Labs in Denver. All animal's vaccinations, worming records, fleece weights, show and fiber results are recorded. We strive to show all animals. Most are shown at both halter and fleece. We have actively shown our animals over the last decade at some of the largest and most prestigious shows in the world like the Great Western Alpaca Show (GWAS) and Fallfest in Colorado.

Each breeding decision is a carefully considered choice. Steady advancements are made without the cost of line breeding. All factors and data are considered; size, conformation, past production, cria weights, milk production, Judges' comments, fleece characteristics (weights, histograms, fleece show cards, EPD results), lineages and color, both of the animal and its ancestors, as reflected in its pedigree. Sometimes the production of the past makes the decision as easy as pie. Other times a different match up can turn out to be a stunning and revelatory experience. Once that "best" matchup between a Sire and Dam has been made, it is often repeated.

All alpacas are vaccinated yearly with CD&T and WNV (West Nile Virus) vaccines and our ranch is BVD free.

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